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Product overview

(Activated carbon fiber (ACF) adsorption recovery device is a device which uses activated carbon fiber (ACF) as adsorption material, through advanced, efficient, safe and reliable process, mechatronics automatic control technology to treat the organic waste gas from various industries in the production process, and fully recover the organic solvent in the industrial waste gas.

1.The adsorber can be divided into four cores, eight cores, ten cores and twelve cores.

2.Applicable conditions waste gas component: single component, with recycling value.

Process principle description

ACF adsorber (attached)


After the organic waste gas enters the adsorber, it circulates through the following three processes.

Adsorption process: the organic solvent in the exhaust gas is adsorbed on the surface of ACF adsorption material.

Desorption process: the organic solvent on the surface of the adsorption material is desorbed by water vapor, and then condensed and recovered.

Drying process: hot air or room temperature air is introduced to dry the adsorption material, remove the water on the surface, and reduce the temperature at the same time.

Product features and advantages

Advanced design concept: system integration, standardized / modular design make the construction period more flexible. /Turnkey project   
Large adsorption capacity: fast adsorption and regeneration, high adsorption efficiency and high recovery rate
Simple and efficient operation performance: modular management, programmed control, automatic operation / simple, efficient, fast, easy maintenance.

Application industry

It is suitable for organic gas recovery from chemical, pharmaceutical, polymer materials, hydrogen peroxide, insulating materials and other industries.

Component: single component, with recycling value.

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