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Core materials

Molecular sieve adsorption concentration runner


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Molecular sieve adsorption and concentration technology

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Molecular sieve adsorption concentration runner(图2)

Molecular sieve adsorption concentration runner(图3)

High performance activated carbon fiber


• ACF with matching pore structure and surface properties can be selected according to different VOCs components for customization

• For different adsorbents, the adsorption capacity is increased by 30% - 100%


• Operation and maintenance costs can be reduced by 20% - 50%



Nanofiber filter materials


• The electrospinning nanofiber covering film can effectively prevent the dust from entering into the filter material and retain it on the surface of the nanofiber layer

• The filtration efficiency of dust particles with particle size above 0.3um is more than99.99% 

• Increase dust capacity by more than 30%

• The initial test pressure is reduced by more than 50%

• More than 50% longer service life

• Save more than 75% compressed air

VOCs efficient catalytic oxidation materials


• VOCs high efficient catalytic oxidation material: excellent catalytic activity, high low temperature activity, low ignition temperature, strong adaptability to concentration fluctuation

• Reliable catalytic capacity, excellent removal efficiency under high concentration and high velocity conditions

• Excellent thermal stability: strong resistance to high temperaturedeterioration and stable catalyst activity

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