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Industry summary

Coal coking is also called coal high temperature retorting. Coal is used as raw material, heated to about 950 ℃ under the condition of isolated air, and coke is produced by high temperature retorting. At the same time, gas and coal tar are obtained, and other chemical products are recovered. The main use of coke is iron making, and a small amount of coke is used as chemical raw materials to manufacture calcium carbide, electrode, etc. Coal tar is a black viscous oily liquid, which contains benzene, phenol, naphthalene, anthracene, phenanthrene and other important chemical raw materials. They are raw materials for medicine, pesticides, explosives, dyes and other industries, and can be separated after appropriate treatment. Main sources of waste gas: gas refining, chemical product recovery process. The main pollutants are benzene, non methane hydrocarbons, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and tar. Tar processing, the main exhaust pollutants: benzene, naphthalene, non methane hydrocarbons, hydrogen sulfide, tar substances.

Industry solutions

For coking industry, the characteristics of waste gas are as follows: complex composition, containing tar and other macromolecular substances, containing naphthalene, easy to crystallize and block, high temperature of waste gas, some containing steam, multiple emission points, scattered, difficult to collect. According to the characteristics of coking industry, Huashijie designed different collection measures for storage tank, waste gas outlet, sulfur tray, loading crane pipe, etc. In addition, different treatment methods are required for different sections: negative pressure recovery is mainly used for gas refining including drum cooling and benzene washing section, and washing is supplemented; regenerative oxidation RTO process is used for waste gas from coal tar processing and benzene washing; biological method is used for desulfurization and ammonium sulfate section.

Case 1:A coking enterprise in Henan adopts Huashi cleaning tower and biological purification All in One Machine

Case 2:A coal chemical enterprise in Shaanxi adopts Huashijie multistage absorption, adsorption concentration and catalytic combustion equipment

Molecular sieve rotor + thermal oxidation • Regenerative thermal oxidation RTO • Adsorption recovery

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