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Technology Overview

The desiccant wheel uses physical adsorption to adsorb the water in the air to the hygroscopic agent in the honeycomb channel, so as to reduce the air humidity. The hygroscopic agent works for a period of time to reach saturation, so it needs to remove the water from the hygroscopic agent under the action of hot air, so as to obtain the ability of re hygroscopic. In practical application, the desiccant wheel is divided into adsorption area and regeneration area, with one side adsorbing and the other side adsorbing at the same time, so that the dehumidification can be achieved continuously.

Technology application

Desiccant wheel can achieve the low humidity that conventional condensation dehumidification cannot achieve, which is suitable for extensive dehumidification of air. Because there is no use of corrosive chemicals, the structure is simple, and it does not need too much maintenance, so it is widely used in bridges, warehouses, ships, wind power, medicine, electronics, new energy, food, cosmetics and other industries that need stable humidity control.

Molecular sieve rotor + thermal oxidation · Regenerative thermal oxidation RTO · Adsorption recovery

Technological advantages

Huashijie desiccant wheel has developed a variety of models for industrial dehumidifier units and household dehumidifiers to meet the different needs of customers. Relying on its manufacturing strength and brand influence in the wheel field, Huashijie has won wide attention from customers domestic and abroad.


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