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Industry summary

Pharmaceutical and chemical industry through chemical synthesis, microbial fermentation or natural animal and plant extraction and other means to prepare active ingredients with drugs, and excipients through mixing, processing and preparation. The main sources of waste gas are fermentation tank, synthesis reaction, extraction, separation and drying. In addition, the waste water treatment system, regulation tank, anaerobic tank and aerobic tank also produce more VOCs. In pharmaceutical industry, there are many kinds of products, different production processes, different raw materials and different emission substances. The main components of waste gas are benzene series, sulfur, nitrogen, halogen and other substances.

Industry solutions

For the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, the characteristics of waste gas: complex components, complex production process, many emission points, discontinuous emission, sulfur, nitrogen and other malodorous gases. When the concentration of waste gas is high, the regenerative thermal oxidation RTO method is preferred. Huashijie specially designs RTO and front-end pretreatment according to the characteristics of waste gas from pharmaceutical factory, so as to avoid acid dew point corrosion and prolong service life. When the concentration of waste gas is low, biological method or combined process is selected.

Molecular sieve runner + thermal oxidation • Regenerative thermal oxidation RTO • Adsorption recovery

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