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Industry summary

Rubber industry common tire production, seal production. Tire production process usually includes raw material processing, batching, plasticizing, mixing, calendering, extrusion, molding, vulcanization, etc.

Industry solutions

Sources of VOCs:preparation, coating, dipping, spraying and molding of rubber paste; rubber mixing (primary rubber mixing, secondary rubber mixing); vulcanization waste gas.

Common components:sulfide, benzene series, alkane, ethanol, etc

Characteristics of waste gas:large air volume, low concentration, sulfur content and strong odor

Molecular sieve rotor + thermal oxidation,regenerative thermal oxidation RTO

For the rubber industry, the waste gas mainly comes from the waste gas of glue preparation, coating, dipping, mixing and vulcanization. The characteristics of waste gas are low emission concentration, complex components (benzene series, alkanes, ethanol, etc.), sulfur and other malodorous waste gas. Molecular sieve rotor + thermal oxidation mode is preferred, which can achieve 90 ~ 99% purification efficiency. In addition, Huashijie can provide high-efficiency closed collection system for feeding port, open mill, vulcanizer, etc. According to the discharge standard of pollutants for rubber products industry, the annual output of 100000 tons of rubber compound (70000h) is calculated based on the discharge amount per ton of rubber. The discharge concentration of non-methane hydrocarbon is required to be less than 1.5mg/m³, and the treatment efficiency needs to be more than 90%. According to the measured data of the project, the odor treatment efficiency should be more than 80%. However, the traditional activated carbon adsorption, plasma, photo oxidation and other technologies cannot meet the requirements of purification efficiency, and low-temperature plasma, photo catalysis, single activated carbon technology has low treatment efficiency and poor safety, so the relevant government departments and the market have formed a broad consensus.

*The rotor and barrel specially designed by Huashijie can be easily replaced and recycled

Case 1:A well-known foreign tire brand applies multiple sets of Huashijie All in One Machines with ZCR

Case 2:Huashijie molecular sieve rotor + thermal oxidation is applied by a well-known Japanese automobile seal company

Molecular sieve rotor + thermal oxidation • Regenerative thermal oxidation RTO • Adsorption recovery

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