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Industry summary

Tobacco packaging quality requirements are relatively higher, and its printing technology has been in the forefront of domestic packaging. China is the largest cigarette market in the world. The printing processes commonly used in cigarette package printing industry include gravure printing, offset printing, screen printing, flexo printing, digital printing, gilding, die cutting, etc. Gravure printing and offset printing are the main  sources of VOCs, especially gravure printing machine with high emission concentration and large air volume. Gravure printing machine is usually divided into 8 ~ 10 colors, each color group after printing is equipped with a separate oven drying which generate VOCs. A large number of VOCs will also be generated in the cleaning process.

Industry solutions

VOCs sourcegravure press, offset press, etc

Common components:ethyl acetate, propyl acetate, ethanol, propylene glycol methyl ether, etc

Characteristics of waste gas:large air volume, medium and low concentration, less dust

Solution:All in one machine with ZCR, circulating air concentration + regenerative thermal oxidation RTO

*A molecular sieve rotor was developed for water-based ink to handle high concentration ethanol

*Heat recovery can significantly reduce the energy consumption of the oven

Case 1:gravure printing machine of a cigarette package state-owned enterprise in Shandong adopts All in One Machine with ZCR

Case 2:the gravure printing machine of a cigarette package enterprise in Jiangsu adopts rotor + RTO

Molecular sieve runner + thermal oxidation • Regenerative thermal oxidation RTO • Adsorption recovery

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