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Industry summary

Pharmaceutical industry belongs to fine chemical industry, which is characterized by many kinds of production, long production process, large number of raw materials and low utilization rate of raw materials, which leads to the large amount of "three wastes" produced in the production process of pharmaceutical industry, complex waste composition and serious pollution hazard. In pharmaceutical technology, organic solvents are often used to separate and extract drugs, so VOCs is one of the most important air pollutants in pharmaceutical industry. According to the production process, pharmaceutical can be divided into fermentation, extraction, chemical synthesis, preparation, bioengineering and traditional Chinese medicine.

Industry solutions

VOCs source:chemical synthesis, extraction and fermentation

Common components:acetone, benzene, toluene, chlorobenzene, dichloromethane, aniline, methanol, ethanol, formaldehyde, mercaptan, dimethyl sulfoxide, etc

Exhaust gas features:large air volume, large fluctuation of concentration, complex composition and corrosive

Chemical synthesis and extraction:multi-level safety protection + washing tower + RTO + washing tower, adsorption recovery

In terms of the harsh working conditions of pharmaceutical and chemical industry and the corrosive gases such as sulfur and chlorine produced after RTO combustion, Huashijie has special treatment for "safety" and "anti-corrosion" of RTO system. HAZOP and LOPA analysis is carried out by means of sealing, collection, condensation, absorption, material transportation balance, concentration meter, flame arrester, concentration buffer, peak cutting and valley filling, etc., so as to ensure the safety and reliability. In addition, the selection of special corrosion-resistant materials and quality system control can help customers choose the right materials, maintain the equipment durability, reduce operation and maintenance and repeated investment. The operating cost of RTO is greatly reduced by balancing the exhaust gas concentration with self-developed materials.

For dichloromethane, toluene and other solvents, Huashijie has rich experience in recycling and purification to help customers realize resource recycling.

Case 1:A famous listed pharmaceutical enterprise in Zhejiang applied two sets of RTO (60000 air volume and 80000 air volume) of Huashijie

Case 2:A famous pharmaceutical intermediate enterprise in Zhejiang adopts Huashijie RTO

Molecular sieve runner + thermal oxidation • regenerative thermal oxidation RTO • adsorption recovery

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