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Technology Overview

Odor gases have pungent odor at low concentration due to low odor threshold, mainly including sulfur-containing and nitrogen-containing gases, such as mercaptan, sulfide, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, etc. Biological technology includes biofiltration, biotrickling filtration and biological washing process. It mainly uses microbial life activities to degrade pollutants in waste gas as nutrients for microbial reproduction through aerobic respiration. So as to achieve the treatment of pollutants. In the process of microbial growth, carbon source, nitrogen source and some nutrient elements are needed, so ammonia and other nitrogen-containing pollutants can be used by microorganisms. Thiobacillus thiooxidans is a kind of chemoautotrophic microorganism, which exists in a large number in nature. It can use sulfur to complete its own reproduction. Therefore, biological method is the best choice to remove odor pollution.

Technology application

It is mainly used for odor treatment of low concentration organic or inorganic waste gas


Molecular sieve runner + thermal oxidation · Regenerative thermal oxidation RTO · Adsorption recovery

Technological advantages

1.The combination of biotrickling filtration and biofiltration process can simultaneously remove acid gas and organic odor gas with low water solubility.

2.The integrated biological treatment equipment can be installed, started and moved quickly.

3.Using polyurethane foam insulation structure, the system has less heat dissipation, and can maintain good insulation effect at low temperature.

4.Efficient cultivation and acclimation of dominant strains from Tsinghua University can quickly adapt to the exhaust gas environment and shorten the commissioning and start-up period.


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