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Technical overview

Adsorption concentration is a new generation of VOCs treatment equipment independently developed by Huashijie. It is a method that combines the adsorption concentration unit and the thermal oxidation unit aimed at the treatment of organic waste gas with large air volume and low concentration. After adsorption purification and desorption, it is converted into organic waste gas of small air volume and high concentration ready for thermal oxidation treatment, and the heat released by organic matter combustion is effectively utilized. Main products of adsorption concentration: molecular sieve adsorption concentration, honeycomb activated carbon adsorption concentration, activated carbon fiber adsorption concentration.

Technology application

VOCs adsorption and concentration device is suitable for treating organic waste gas with normal temperature, large air volume, medium and low concentration. The organic solvents that can be treated include benzene, ketone, ester, alcohol, aldehyde, ether, alkane and their mixture. The device can be widely used in automobile manufacturing and maintenance, engineering machinery and parts, shipbuilding, motorcycles and auto parts, bicycles, semiconductors, electronics, pianos, and organic waste gas purification in coating and painting workshops of container factories. It can also be used in petrochemical, plastic, rubber, leather, packaging and printing, organic fine chemicals and other industries.

Molecular sieve rotor + thermal oxidation • Regenerative thermal oxidation RTO • Adsorption recovery

Huashijie's technological advantages

Huashijie has the core technical materials of adsorption and concentration system which break the technology monopoly and improve the core competitiveness. The molecular sieve adsorption and concentration rotor is the first one independently developed in China, breaking the monopoly of foreign products, and the adsorption performance reaches or exceeds the international level. The single-stage adsorption efficiency is 90% - 99%, and various specifications are available. Unit capacity is improved and delivery period is shortened by modular combination with multi-stage filter and thermal oxidation system and mass production. + thermal oxidation · Regenerative thermal oxidation RTO · Adsorption recovery



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